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Customs Compliance


Did you know?

  • With 53,7 % (portion of PIB exports), Québec compares to all the OCDE countries.

  • Québec ranks 29th of the global exporting countries.

  • Major destinations for exports from Québec are the U.S., Europe and Asia.


Why does Customs Compliance exist?

Knowledge of customs rules is a fundamental element for the world-wide success of a business. Non-compliance will generate penalties, sometimes very high and impact the reputation of the business in front of clients and customs services.

Therefore, the importance of being advised by professionals. Groupe Conseil C-TPAT offers this expertise.



  • Customs Compliance;
  • Pre-Audit;
  • Preparation of the customs compliance (CSA,ISA) –Visit prior to the validation;
  • Training on Customs Compliance;
  • Validation of the certificate of origin;
  • Request of the certificate of origin to the suppliers;
  • Duty Claims;
  • Drawback;
  • Coaching.



  • Export;
  • Import;
  • Rules and certificates of origin;
  • Incoterms 2000 and UCC;
  • Customs Declarations;
  • HS code and classification of goods.

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