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  • Accelerated border crossing: commercial lanes assigned to C-TPAT carriers with goods for certified C-TPAT customers.

  • Access to C-TPAT members’ site to verify certified businesses (suppliers, carriers, customs brokers, etc…).

  • Fewer inspections.

  • CBP assigned personnel at the border for your account, familiar with your file.

  • Access to international tenders requiring C-TPAT certification.

  • Increased supply chain security: security of your production facilities.


What is the FAST EXPRESS Program?

The «and Secure Trade» FAST program is recommended but not mandatory. It ensures that transport and handling of goods meets the C-TPAT requirements. It is based on risk management safe techniques. It also targets on faster and safer border crossing as well as cost reduction by:

  • Limiting information requirements on customs clearance;

  • Eliminating the need for importers to transmit data for every transaction;

  • Assigning lanes for members;

  • Reducing the number of inspections at the border;

  • Verifying that rules are followed not only at the border but elsewhere.


What we can do for you:

  • After you have contacted us, our consultants will visit you to perform an audit.
  • You will get a report and, when approved, we will create your security profile.
  • We will submit your certification request to CBP.
  • CBP will validate your facilities.
  • You become a certified operator.

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