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ISO 28000

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Security system management of the supply chain; requirements for firms performing the audit and certification of these systems; general rules for the application of ISO 28000.




What are the ISO 28000:2007 Norms?

ISO 28000:2007 dictates the requirements for a security system and includes all aspects of security for the supply chain. Security management is linked to all other aspects of business management, including all activities controlled by organizations who have a direct impact on the security of the supply chain or with a direct influence. It is mandatory to consider all these aspects, when and where they affect security management, including during the transport of goods within the supply chain.


To whom does ISO 28000:2007 apply?

ISO 28000:2007 applies to all size of businesses, from small to multinational, who wish, during the fabrication process, maintenance, stocking or transport of goods, to do the following:

a) Define, put in place, maintain and enhance a security system management;

b) Ensure the compliance to the established security policies;

c) Demonstrate this compliance to others;

d) Have their security system management certified or registered by a certified organization or an accredited third party;

e) Perform a self-assessment and self-certification on compliance to ISO 28000:2007.

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