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AEO Programs and Certifications

Our Mission

  • Assist you in obtaining your customs certifications, such as AEO.

  • Our company is one of the first and most important in this field, world-wide.

  • Over the years, we have assisted over 500 operators throughout the world.

Our experts have graduated from the WCO Diagnostic Framework Workshop.


Benefit of our experience.

Obtaining your certification can be a real puzzle. All the procedures are lengthy, complex and difficult to achieve without assistance. They also become costly when a company is headed in the wrong direction, therefore the importance of being well counselled.

Management of the implementation of electronic technologies related to security.

What we can do for you:

Our « AEO FAST TRACK » approach allows us to minimize errors, reduce delays and costs towards certification, by using tools and methods that have proved to be successful as well as using a large network of contacts and experts.


Our experience and expertise in security and customs compliance will allow your company to be certified rapidly.

  • Information session to your senior management.
  • Pre-audit visit.
  • Preparation of the certification request.
  • Pre-validation visit.
  • Annual self-assessment and update of your security profile.
  • Management and employee training.
  • Outsourcing of your customs certification programs management.
  • Security plan elaboration.
  • Training and coaching on customs compliance.
  • Internal and external communications plan.
  • Management of communications and public relations.

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