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PIP (Partners in Protection)


The PIP program, created in 1995, was meant to educate businesses on customs rules so they would be followed.

After September 11th 2001, the Canadian customs enhanced the PIP program by focusing on the security of the commercial chain and by requesting that participants enhance their material security as well as the security of their facilities and their procedures. A questionnaire on security was developed and security recommendations followed.


What is the PIP Program?

It is a voluntary and free program which targets the protection of the commercial chain, one partnership at a time. The industry is totally behind this program and insists on the participants doing their share in protecting the supply chain and therefore, encouraging legitimate trading.

On June 30 2008, the Canadian customs have launched an enhanced PIP program that applies minimal requirements on security mandatory facilities validation, policies and procedures for non-compliance, suspension, cancellation, reestablishment and appeal, as well as an automated membership process.

Measures to reinforce the program make sure that the new requirements meet the international standards, especially with SAFE and the AEO concept from WCO.

What we can do for you:

  • After you have contacted us, our consultants will visit you to perform an audit.
  • You will get a report and, when approved, we will create your security profile.
  • We will submit your certification request to CBP.
  • CBP will validate your facilities.
  • You become a certified operator.

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